Friday, August 5, 2011

I Heart Jewellery

Tonight I did something a bit out of the ordinary for me. I actually attended the opening night of an exhibtion I am participating in at Zu Design! Sounds strange really as I always remember in the past that opening nights were something I would never have missed since they are the party and reward after all the hard work that goes into making a piece. But although I have exhibited regularly at Zu over the last few years, I have never actually made it to the opening of any of those shows. So tonight was different.
With early dinner prepared for the kids and a 6.00pm start time, I thought we could achieve it! And I am glad we did! "I heart Jewellery" is part of this years SALA (South Australian Living Artists) festival. It is a great festival which showcases and celebrates the work of South Australian artists and during August, numerous exhibitions and events are held around the state. I had forgotten just how crowded these events can be (especially when trying to squeeze through with an almost four year old in arms so he too can see inside the showcases but we loved what we saw inside and I was impressed that my little boy also seemed to quite enjoy the event. Fortunately Missy Muffet, aged 2, fell asleep in the car on the way there but unfortunately for Papa that meant he had to carry her when my arms gave up!
It was inspiring to see the work of the other jewellers participating in the exhibition and reminded me of why I really 'heart' jewellery. Thanks to Jane and Roman at Zu for having my pieces for this wonderful show.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


About 5 months ago, I blogged about an idea I had for a print. Well here it is finally finished!
It started with a hug; an embrace in the middle of the night to comfort my little girl. As we sat with our heads close together and our arms encircling eachother, I wondered what kind of visual pattern this might make. At that time it was something that was happening every night, a pattern that was forming: wake, embrace, go back to sleep. And so I translated this to the pattern in this drawing.
It is to remind us of the comfort we find in a hug. And also I see it as a symbol to remind us to embrace eachother, to embrace oppotunities and to embrace every moment...