Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To the Sea

It is hard to believe that another month has almost slipped by and it is time for Cathy Nichols Found Art Friday once again. The theme for this month is "To the Sea". When I think of the sea it reminds me of one of my happiest memories - snorkeling on The Great Barrier Reef during my honeymoon. We went on a snorkeling tour which took us to the edge of the reef where we were able to swim amongst the most beautiful fish and coral. The guide told us it was a 6 day swim to the coast of Australia or a 6 month swim to the coast of South America!It felt like such a privilege to be amongst this amazing underwater world. Some people we met up in Cairns told us that 10 years earlier it had been even more beautiful. Perhaps we should never have been there at all but I am very grateful for the experience and will never forget it.

So for my contribution to FAF this week I began doodling all the things I could think of associated with the sea such as waves, fish, shells, seaweed etc and lined them up in rows. This then led to me drawing a grid pattern on the page and simplified my initial doodles down to just the waves and fish to see what repetitious shapes and patterns I could make. It was definitely a big step away from my usual obsession with leaves and plants but also lots of fun and I am looking forward to seeing Cathy's post at the end of this week.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Slowly, ever so slowly I have been putting pen to paper in my evenings when the little ones are sound alseep. I am neither happy or satisfied with any of the results yet but I think importantly it is a start! Without a beginning there can be no ending and so I hope with continued effort that something will grow from this.

Cathy Nichols has inspired a couple of my recent efforts with her themes for her Found Art Friday. I never seem to finish mine in time to participate but I thank her for giving me encouragement to pick up my pencils when I might otherwise happily opt for much needed sleep.
The top one is "found" which was inspired by our recent search to find a home for our little family to live in earlier this year.
The second is called (Extra)ordinary. The theme for this one was "ordinary" and so I thought about the flowers and small plants we walk past every time we go to the supermarket. They are I think very ordinary and yet extraordinary at the same time.
I'm looking forward to finding out what this months theme will be.